CreativeEye: June ’17 Edition

Published June 7, 2017
Last Updated August 29, 2019
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CreativeEye: June ’17 Edition, featuring some of the best creative marketing projects around!

Our roving eyes are always spotting great creative marketing projects and design, and we like to celebrate all things creative. So, CreativeEye is our monthly feature where we jot down what’s happened in the month and share it with you lovely people.

June has so far brought us classic novels by Puffin redesigned by Pantone, Apple’s clever iPhone comparison ads, an important warning as part of Barclays’ Digital Eagles campaign, Apple (again!) with a hilarious short film, and more!

  1. Barclays – Digital Safety TV Advert

    Spotted by: Ricco Leung

    Cyber crime and fraud is on the rise, with it now being the country’s most common offences, according to The Telegraph.

    That’s why I’ve picked Barclays’ latest TV ad as one of my CreativeEye choices. It’s not so much the creativity behind it, but more the crucial message that it delivers – stay safe digitally, and be cautious with what you’re posting.

    The 30-second advert depicts a young lady by the name of Zara King, slowly but surely giving away many crucial details about herself through her social media activity, including name, birthday, address. The final scene ends in a selfie that contains her bank card in the shot, showing enough for a fraudster to apply for a credit card application in her name.

    It’s easy to see many of us doing similar things to Zara in a social media heavy world, and this advert acts as an important reminder to us all that fraudsters are out there, hidden but ready to pounce.

    The advert forms part of the long-running Barclays Digital Eagles campaign, and the whole campaign deserves praise in itself for taking on social responsibility as a brand.

  2. Puffin vs. Pantone – Redesigned Classic Book Covers

    Creative Marketing Projects Jask Creative

    Spotted by: Simon Lister

    We all loved our classic Puffin books back in the day, right? Favourites included The Wizard of Oz, Treasure Island, The Secret Garden, etc.

    Well, Puffin have teamed up with Pantone to re-release those classics, but designed in Pantone’s colour reference swatches styles. Bright, bold, and the colour represents the book in some way or other (so for example yellow for The Wizard of Oz, a la the yellow brick road).

    It hits home with us simply because we look at Pantone’s swatches all the time as part of our creative marketing projects and work, and it’s a funky design that really catches the eye.

  3. Apple – Life is easier on iPhone – Adverts

    Spotted by: Dave Potts

    Even though Apple’s iPhones have been leaders in the market since Steve Jobs pioneered the smartphone all those years ago, it doesn’t mean they can rest easy. Every technology giant around is bringing out their own smartphones, chomping at the bit to steal market share.

    In a market where technologies and hardware are easily copied or replicated, it can be hard to differentiate Apple’s USPs to the public, especially to new generation consumers who are perhaps cost-conscious and aren’t already in the Apple ecosystem. However, it is Apple’s ecosystem and iOS where they really shine, focusing on straightforward user experiences and integration.

    Apple’s series of 15-second social spots aims to educate users about the pros of iPhones vs other phones, and it works well because the creative is simple, clear and quick to view. We’ve chosen the one about security as that is a hot topic at the moment, and it just simply says iPhones are more secure than your other phones. Job done.

  4. Apple – WWDC 2017 — APPOCALYPSE

    Spotted by: Matt Ansell

    Another Apple creative makes our list this month, and ‘APPOCALYPSE’ is Apple’s hilarious short film about what would happen if the world were to lose all of its apps and the chaos that would descend across the globe.

    Launched at app developers at the WWDC 2017 (standing for Worldwide Developer Conference), we particularly love the pizza guy crying about hashtags…a world without hashtags, could you imagine???

    With reports that the app market is saturating, Apple needs to encourage developers to keep creating apps as they are a revenue stream for the tech giant, plus they are important to the world.

  5. dn&co. – The Paper Aviary

    Spotted by: Matt Ansell

    Proof that paper isn’t dead and we can still create some wonderful things with it, as dn&co. bring St. James’s Market in London alive with 150+ paper birds.

    Displayed in a pop up exhibition display reminiscent of a birdcage, each bird had a bespoke graphic pattern and was created using G.F Smith’s Colorplan paper.

    Read more about the exhibition on dn&co.’s site here.


  6. Nutella – Nutella Unica

    Spotted by: Matt Ansell

    Another spot by our Creative Director Matt Ansell – the Nutella Unica project by Nutella Italia.

    Using a unique algorithm, Nutella creates 7 million unique packaging designs for its classic Nutella jar, which were only sold in Italy.

    The work is brilliant in itself as it shows just how strong the Nutella branding is, where it can be recognised just through it’s signature typography.

    This is yet another creative marketing project that proves we want unique experiences with our brands, as the jars sold out in the space of a month, according to Ogilvy & Mather Italia, the agency behind the project.

  7. Delta Air Lines vs. Tinder – Delta Dating Wall

    Spotted by: Matt Ansell

    While American airlines giant United Airlines made the headlines for all the wrong reasons recently, their competitors Delta Air Lines were busy plotting some fantastic outdoor print marketing…

    Adorning a huge building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the ‘Delta Dating Wall’ is an outdoor print project in partnership with Tinder and is aimed at capturing the attention of world travellers and Tinder users. Using printed scenes of nine exotic locations, the wall encourages people to take a selfie and then use the hashtag #DeltaDatingWall when posting up their photos.

    The logic behind the wall is that you appear more attractive as a jet-setter. Read more about the stats behind Tinder users and the project itself through AdWeek’s article here.

  8. KFC – Yearbook Advertising

    Spotted by: Matt Ansell

    Print advertising is no more, they say? Well, not in KFC’s eyes, you just have to be cleverer about the way you go about it.

    We all know that it’s harder to capture the attention of young audiences through print in today’s world, as digital media dominates attention. That’s why KFC were happy to pay to have their brand mascot Colonel Sanders appear in a high school yearbook.

    It’s a publication which high school students in the US are obsessive over, and a massive talking point when they come out. Hannah Hightman, a student at Bear Creek High School in Stockton, California, understood this perfectly and reached out to KFC’s advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy to see if they’d be interested in paying for a spot in the book.

    Needless to say, it was a great opportunity and a very good example of how to do print advertising. Well done Hannah + KFC.

  9. Transport for London – Report it to stop it Print Ad

    Creative Marketing Work Jask Creative

    Spotted by: Amy Goodwin

    Another great print advert this month comes from Transport for London (TfL).

    As part of the ‘Report it to stop it’ campaign, TfL have created a striking and powerful image of, well, an image of the offending person they want you to report, ironically.

    Battling against the common perception that even if you report it the authorities will do nothing, this advert is going a long way to show how every reported case helps the police. Great work.

Did we miss any creative marketing projects worthy of mention? Let us know if we did!

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