CreativeEye – October ’17 Edition

Published October 19, 2017
Last Updated January 6, 2020
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CreativeEye: October ‘17 Edition. The monthly round up of some of the best creative work on show.

October is here and we’re now firmly into the autumnal season.

It’s cold outside and the long nights are drawing in, so fetch your biggest jumper, grab a mug of hot chocolate and put your feet up to read through some of the best creative marketing stories to have featured this month.

This month’s picks see an impressive selection of ecologically friendly logo concepts, a fun GIF themed ad from Sainsbury’s, and an old rivalry resurfaces between two of the worlds biggest fast food brands! Have a read here…

  1. Eco Branding – Logo Concept

    Spotted by: Kristen Voisey

    We begin this month with an interesting concept that sees some of the world’s best known logos ecologically refined.

    Ecobranding, as it is known, is the clever process of transforming a brand design to be more ecological and economical through the reduction of ink being used. Concept designs have surfaced and feature some of the most recognisable logos on the planet. Brands such as McDonald’s, Nike and Starbucks have all received the ecobrand treatment.

    “I quite like the Apple, McDonald’s and Starbucks concepts. Maybe not as a longstanding logo – but for a PR stint instead – like when apple coloured in the leaf on their logo green & changed employee t-shirts from blue to green for a while to generate awareness for Earth Day in 2016” – Kristen

    We’re intrigued to see if this ‘green logo’ concept will catch on.

  2. Burger King – #NeverTrustAClown

    Spotted by: Tom Whitehouse

    Burger King are up to their old tricks again this month, grilling the long standing McDonald’s mascot, Ronald McDonald.

    In a brilliant attempt at integrating a marketing campaign with pop culture, Burger King hijacked a German cinema showing it’s first screening of the recent clown themed horror movie IT. During the premiere’s end credits, a spotlight projected the message: “The Moral is: Never Trust A Clown” alongside the Burger King logo – a clear pop at Ronald McDonald.

    Viewers’ reactions were recorded and posted online, which has given the campaign an extra boost across social channels.

    On trend marketing at it’s finest!

  3. Warburtons – Pride and Breadjudice

    Spotted by: Ricco Leung

    Next up we have a hilarious spoof produced by Warburtons and comedian Peter Kay.

    This silly but fun entry, aptly named Pride and Breadjudice, is a 3 minute video campaign that follows Peter Kay pitching a steamy period drama to ‘Mr Warburton’ himself. The scenes are funny and the writing throughout is clever, including references to some of Peter Kay’s best known antics.

    With this, Warburtons have launched a campaign that stands out, providing something different to some of the ‘safe’ family based marketing from the players within the bread industry.

    Clever casting and writing will surely see this comedy short go viral, so are we looking at a new long-standing partnership? 

  4. Sainsbury’s – What’s for Dinner?

    Spotted by: Tom Whitehouse

    This month has also seen Sainsbury’s add to their batch of newly styled creative with the ‘What’s for Dinner?’ campaign.

    A simple yet smart concept shows various hungry commuters messaging their loved ones, eager to find out what’s for dinner after a long day at work. The use of vibrant dinner GIFs (available for download on GIPHY) work exceptionally well throughout the 60 second slot, helping bring to life the otherwise grayscale advert.

    Another element done well by Sainsbury’s is the casting and storytelling. All scenes and their text exchanges are truly believable, simply making the advert more relatable to the viewer.  

    Our favourite part? The agonisingly slow text exchange between Mary and Henry accompanied with the ‘getting cold’ animation – top work Sainsbury’s.

  5. IKEA – Apple Juice

    Spotted by: Luke Turner

    IKEA do not mess around when it comes to jumping on trends in their advertising (just see their response to news of GoT actors using their rugs as costumes). So it’s no surprise that the flat pack furniture brand quickly produced some ‘Apple themed’ ads in line with the announcement of wireless charging for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X models.

    IKEA actually launched furniture back in 2015 that could charge your phone via the QI wireless charging system. The furniture consisted of floor lamps, table lamps and nightstands – all of which are shown in these quick feature ads. All of the witty ads play off Apple’s most popular phrases. ‘Link different’ and ‘This charges everything’ are particularly clever taglines similar to Apple’s ‘Think different’ and ‘This changes everything’ slogans.

    Keep up the quick-witted creative work IKEA!

  6. Moonpig – Rebrand

    Spotted by: Chloe Myles

    Moonpig have made a bold move this month, unveiling a new brand overhaul – their first refresh since the year 2000! The personal cards and gifts e-tailer has made the decision to lose it’s long standing cartoon pig mascot whilst also removing the .com from their name.

    The brand has instead decided to shift focus onto it’s moon element, opting for a sleek, yet playful set of characters in their use of typeface. Check out some of their moon themed typefaces here

    However, the brand has not completely removed all reference to it’s pig theme, continuing with their recognisable pink colour scheme. A snout icon also subtly takes shape from the ‘oo’ within the Moonpig logo.

    The new identity is currently being launched across their website, products, printed materials and TV campaigns. Moonpig have done an excellent job in reinventing themselves whilst holding on to the essence of their brand. 

  7. SNL – Papyrus

    Spotted by: Dave Potts

    Last but not least we have this hilarious sketch by Saturday Night Live for all of you font lovers out there!

    The 3 minute sketch titled Papyrus shows a character, played by Ryan Gosling, that’s haunted by the use of the font Papyrus in the branding of the 2009 hit film Avatar. We won’t give too much of the sketch away but it’s definitely worth a watch and it will have you laughing.

    More importantly, he has a brilliant point. We’re now seriously questioning the laziness of the Avatar graphic design team!

So that’s it for October! Another month packed with brilliantly clever creative work.

What’s your opinion on this month’s entries? Did we miss any of your favourites? If so feel free to let us know by tweeting us, or just get in touch with us directly here!

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