CreativeRead: May ’17 Edition

Published May 18, 2017
Last Updated May 18, 2017
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CreativeRead: May 2017’s creative marketing stories around the net

Been busy this month? Not had a chance to catch up on marketing stories of late? Don’t worry, here’s all you need to know about creative marketing stories that happened in May.

Featuring a McDonalds controversy, Nike’s attempt at breaking a world record marathon run time, one of the best series about design by Netflix and more, you don’t want to miss out on any of this.

Grab a coffee, put those reading glasses on and be inspired!

  1. McDonalds forced into pulling advert and apologising

    First of all…

    Similar to last month’s PepsiCo debacle, McDonalds have been pressured into pulling one of their latest ads and apologising over using child bereavement as a topic to sell their food.

    While the subject matter was of course going to be controversial, what fascinates me more is how fast social media users can now rally to force a brand into changing their tact. Less than a week after and the global powerhouse that is McDonalds are forced into pulling and apologising.

    Fay Schopen’s article on The Guardian disagrees that it is offensive, and call me stone-hearted but I agree, but what do you think? Are we collectively getting too PC, and does McDonalds’ latest advert leave a sour taste in your mouth? Pun totally intended there.

  2. Nike’s #Breaking2 Campaign

    How do you show off your clever running shoes and the clever technology in them? Well, Nike went about it by live-streaming a marathon and attempting to break a world record, running a marathon in less than 2 hours.

    This story is fascinating as it shows just how powerful social media is now in terms of holding people’s attention, and turning them into brand ambassadors for your products.

    Eluid Kipchoge came agonisingly close to breaking the record in the end, completing the marathon in 2:00:25. The real success is that having achieved a massive 140,000+ mentions since the campaign was launched in December 2016, you can bet that those who were watching will now be advocating what Nike’s Zoom Vaporfly Elite shoes can do for your own running.

  3. Nike’s LED Running Track

    Another Nike story, and again it’s about running – they sure are upping their efforts around this sport.

    This is another brilliant piece of stunt marketing where they’ve built an LED running track in the shape of a foot, to which you can race against yourself to.

    Check out how it works in from Mashable’s video.

  4. Raspberry Pi – DIY Google Home Device

    Raspberry Pi Project Creative Marketing Stories Jask

    Have you wanted one of those funky new voice assistant devices (e.g. Amazon’s Alexa), but thought that it was just a wee bit pricey? Well, if you are a keen bean in computer science and have a leaning towards DIY, then you might just have seen the Raspberry Pi vs Google Home DIY project.

    As part of a giveaway with the monthly MagPi magazine, Google gave away a piece of HAT (Hardware Accessory on Top) which you can build onto the Raspberry Pi that turned it into a makeshift Google Home device.

    What makes this a great creative marketing story is that if you were to buy the actual Google Home device, it would set you back £129 RRP. The MagPi magazine? Well that retailed at £5.99.

    Our Head of Digital Luke Turner managed to bag a MagPi, and it now lives in our office ready to answer any questions at the push of a button, check it out in the pic above. Bargain.

  5. Cluep’s Image Recognition Targeting Technology

    When run crews take over the streets of D.C.

    A post shared by Under Armour Run (@uarunning) on

    Here it is, the end is near. There’s no getting away anymore. Only your strength and willpower will stop you from going bankrupt now.

    Why? Well, on top of the retargeting ads that we are now all used to seeing following us around the net, based on what we’ve searched for, marketers can now target us based on PHOTOS that we’ve posted.

    The technology is from Toronto-based company Cluep, and the basic premise is that the next time you post a photo, it could be being ‘read’ by the software tech. Certain parts of that image will then be recognised and you’ll be served up adverts relating to your image.

    Under Armour have tried it out for their Run Camp campaign, read more about the whole story from FastCompany’s article.

  6. Unsplash’s API Development

    Unsplash Creative Marketing Stories

    Have you heard of Unsplash? No? We did tell you about it in our blog about the 7 most useful tools for a marketing team

    Unsplash is the answer to pricey stock libraries, where users can upload their high-res photos for everybody else to then download and use, completely royalty free.

    Up until quite recently though, to get the photos meant you’d have to go to Unsplash’s site, search and download the images. A bit of a chore really.

    Not anymore though. Thanks to their new nifty API, a bit of coding and programming on the back end will now allow you to search through Unsplash’s archives and download straight to your website.

    It’s fast becoming a mainstream tool, and we all know what happens to mainstream stuff…it gets commercialised. Let’s cross our fingers and hope this handy resource stays free to use!

  7. Abstract: The Art of Design Series

    Our Creative Director Matt loves pretty much anything about design and how it has developed, which is why Netflix’s new series ‘Abstract: The Art of Design‘ seriously appealed to him.

    Check out what it’s about from its Netflix page here. Matt especially loves the graphic design episode featuring renowned American graphic designer Paula Scher, and the footwear design episode featuring Nike and Tinker Hatfield is also well worth a watch too

  8. Alien: Covenant gets personal

    Spotted by our social media aficionado Tom Whitehouse is this video personalisation effort from the marketing folk behind the new Alien: Covenant film.

    As if the Alien franchise isn’t creepy enough already, the marketing folk promoting the film have now figured out not one, but two new ways of serving up personalised video content to fans.

    The first was involved Twitter and asked users to retweet the trailer to get personalised reminders of the film. Check it out here:

    The second was an advert rolled out across video-on-demand (VOD) content on Channel 4, (see first video example).

    Check out how the personalisation worked here via The Drum’s article.

As a full service marketing agency in Birmingham, we’re always keeping our eyes peeled and ears open for creative marketing stories and developments so we can stay on top of our game.

Have we missed any news in May that was worthy of a mention? Let us know by tweeting us!

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