Jask Christmas Party 2015

Published December 14, 2015
Last Updated October 18, 2018
Jask Creative

So this is Christmas…And what have you done…?

…(Well) We got grub at Meating, and at The Glee Club we had lots of fun!

Another year over, and so it is my duty (Ricco here by the way) to report in on another joyous (read drunken) Jask Christmas party.

We began our shindig at the recently-new restaurant Meating ([@Meatingbham](https://twitter.com/meatingbham)) in Birmingham’s Arcadian. The restaurant and venue booking Birmingham are happening at a good rate as part of Christmas events. We couldn’t resist admiring the Christmas lights hanging everywhere on our way here. The magical feel these lights evoke never ceases year after year!

Recommended by our very own Kristen, it is one of the many new restaurants popping up over Birmingham but it really does stand out from the crowd with its service and attention to detail. This is probably due to their great staff and investing in only the best quality Restaurant Equipment.
By attention to detail, I mean we were supplied with complimentary Christmas hats…what more could you possibly want?! Here’s a few of us getting our Christmas hat-ness on…

Jask Christmas Party 2015 | Jask Creative

As the name suggests, this place is all about the meat and certainly did not disappoint.

Whilst the starters and desserts were good, the stars of the show were the blades of beef, chunky steaks, roast dinners all around. I myself had a Bad Santa Burger, and here’s me preparing to tuck in, whilst Haider is clearly delighted with his choice of steak…

Jask Christmas Party 2015 Image 2 | Jask Creative

Plied with wine and booze throughout, you can watch as we start losing our way bit by bit throughout the meal. Particularly with the Digital Team Luke and Haider!

Jask Christmas Party 2015 Image 3 | Jask Creative

After we’d stuffed our faces and drained Meating of its liqueur supplies, it was onwards to the comedy!

I must admit that unfortunately it was at this point that the alcohol started to get the better of me and I forgot to take pictures of the ensuing shenanigans…

Let me assure you though that it was a great evening of stand up at The Glee Club ([@TheGleeClub](https://twitter.com/TheGleeClub)) and the party went on deep into the early hours (at least it did for Shelley, Elli and Kristen, the latter of which still nursing a hangover on the Monday after…).

Anyway…from all of us here at Jask Creative have a Merry Christmas all and have a Happy New Year!