Our first Raspberry Pi Project

Published May 26, 2017
Last Updated July 20, 2018
Jask Creative

21st April 2017 – Raspberry Pi powers our creative marketing studio? Who’d have thought it.

Have you heard of the Raspberry Pi? No?

Quite simply, it’s a “tiny and affordable computer that you can use to learn programming through fun, practical projects”, as the Raspberry Pi Foundation describe it themselves.

Originally intended for learning computer science and robotics, it has since been used for a wide array of different functionalities. Our Head of Digital Luke has in fact programmed one to use at home as a home automation system for his lights and peripherals. TechRadar have got a fun list of projects you can do with a Raspberry Pi too.

To join the bandwagon, we’re now starting a Raspberry Pi project for ourselves too.

Our Raspberry Pi will power a dashboard in our creative marketing studio. The intention is so we can monitor the servers where we host our client’s websites and be notified if they have any errors for any reason and go down. There’ll be some other clever bits of functionality too, like checking if our hot water dispenser is full with boiling water or not…

It’s going to be a pretty long-tail project, so I’ll be giving updates as and when we get round to finishing various stages of developments.

For now, here’s a pretty picture of our Raspberry Pi 3, Model B. You’ll notice a smaller computer board too, which is the less powerful Raspberry Pi Zero model, which we bought for fun and plan to hook up to some environmental sensors around the office..

Jask Creative Marketing Studio Raspberry Pi

Enjoy and stay tuned for news! We’ll be tweeting updates about it as and when!

22nd May 2017 – Raspberry Pi goes live with Google Home DIY

A month on since first bringing you news of our first Raspberry Pi project (read above) and we’ve got the first update of what we’ve done with it.

Originally intended as a dashboard to monitor our website servers and client websites, we must admit that we’ve been sidetracked somewhat…

And that’s purely Raspberry Pi’s fault, due to the release of the free DIY Google Home kit along with their MagPi magazine, check it out:

Raspberry Pi Web Development Creative Marketing

This might mean absolute gobbledygook nonsense to you if you’re not in the world of hobbyist computer science, so please read engadget’s article for more info. In a nutshell though, Google have teamed up with Raspberry Pi’s official magazine, MagPi, and have offered a dirt cheap DIY build your own Google Home kit.

Now, if you know your computer science stuff, you’ll know that voice assistant tech and gadgets are really hot at the moment (Amazon Alexa has already taken the world by storm), so this chance of building our own Google Home, which retails for £129 RRP in UK, was an opportunity not to be missed.

Admittedly it’s not quite as good as the actual Google Home (you have to press a button to use it, rather than just saying ‘OK Google’), but it’s great just for asking it some simple questions.

Luke has set it up in our office, check out the development and the finished product pics below!

Raspberry Pi Web Development Creative Marketing StudioRaspberry Pi Web Development Creative Marketing StudioRaspberry Pi Web Development Creative Marketing StudioRaspberry Pi Web Development Creative Marketing StudioRaspberry Pi Web Development Creative Marketing Studio

Hopefully we’ll be back on track soon with our dashboard development, but for now it’s time to ask Google how much it hates Siri and Alexa… 😀

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