Social Update – 17th December

Published December 17, 2021
Last Updated December 17, 2021
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We are back giving you all of the biggest updates in social media from this week.

New Creator Monetisation On Discord

Discord is launching Premium Memberships, which will give creators the option to put their servers behind a paywall. The pricing can range between $2.99 and $99.99. 

It was already possible for creators to offer paid membership access to their servers prior to this monetisation option, which was achieved through the use of third-party integration tools. However, this update allows the process to happen natively through Discord. This has been one of the most requested features for the platform for a very long time.

Currently, premium memberships are available to a small group of test members, but a broader rollout is on the horizon.

Instagram Looks At Bringing Back The Chronological Feed

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has announced that the platform is currently working on a version of the chronological feed. He announced that the channel is “providing people with more choices so that they can decide what works best for them – not switching everyone back to a chronological feed”

It’s likely the platform will provide its users with options similar to those on Facebook, such as opting to prioritise posts from users’ favourite pages and creators.

We will hear more about the platform early in the new year so we’re eager to see how this will affect brands moving forwards.

Pinterest Has Launched Its Idea Pin Feature.

Pinterest has finally launched its Idea pin feature. It enables users to reply to pin comments with videos. This comes after Instagram launched a similar feature earlier in the year. Both of which are a spin on a feature that has been a mainstay of Tiktok for a long time.

But this is a further push for video to be at the forefront of platform updates going forwards.

TikTok Tests New Desktop Live-Streaming App

Tiktok has been testing a new desktop live stream app focused on gaming streamers. The Gaming community, although active on Tiktok, have struggled to make content within the app due to its limited capabilities to connect to other devices. 

As a result of the ability to stream from desktop, new use cases could open up for brands, who could broadcast more professional videos directly to TikTok’s massive audience.

The company said TikTok Live Studio is currently only available to a few thousand users in a few Western markets.

Twitter Launches New Creative Tweet Options To Keep Up With User Trends

A new ‘Quote Tweet with Reaction’ option is being tested by Twitter that would allow users to reply to tweets via the full-screen camera mode.

As part of the new option, you can attach the original tweet as a sticker to a captured image or video, facilitating direct, visual engagement with tweets. This would ideally expand the platform beyond basic text replies.

Twitter is also testing an updated text editor for tweets, which allows you to add more colour and visual presence to your comments.

Twitter has been focusing on visual, engaging responses, and now that images are displayed at full size in feeds, each could boost engagement and interaction, and shift the behaviour of tweeters towards more creative, colourful sharing processes.

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