Why use social media advertising?

Published June 16, 2016
Last Updated July 9, 2018
Jask Creative

Social media advertising is becoming a ‘big’ thing in the marketing and advertising game. Advertising on social media has a lot of impact and plenty of benefits for all sorts of businesses. It helps businesses reach new customers by targeting prospects through custom targeting.

Here are some of the best reasons to use each platforms advertising tools and how you can make the most of it.

  1. Social has advanced targeting

    Interest targeting: reach specific audiences by targeting the audiences own interests that they’ve specified. Including activities, location, skills, pages they’ve ‘liked’ or accounts they follow. This means that your adverts will only appear to people that are relevant and likely to convert. For example, if you sell rock climbing equipment and someone has added ‘rock climbing’ as an interest, you can target them with your social media advert.

    There are plenty of other targeting options, for example you can target all the followers of your competitor’s Twitter or Instagram account or use Lookalike targeting on Facebook to reach audiences who are similar to your current audience. For the same though, you would need to have ample number of followers on your social media page to spread the word.

  2. Good tracking and reporting

    There’s great tracking and reporting available through social media advertising. You want to know if your adverts are effective in achieving what you want them to achieve, thus justifying your ad spend or adjusting your budgets. If your adverts are to get people to do something specifically, you can easily track these conversions using the analytics available in each platform.

  3. It’s affordable

    In our experience, some people think that social media advertising is expensive, this could be a relation to Google Adwords (PPC) which is a much pricier marketing tactic. Social media advertising is far less expensive – and is in fact one of the cheapest advertising channels to use. Plus, by targeting specific audiences, it’s very likely you’ll have a high success rate. In addition, you can even learn how to buy instagram followers from websites like Famoid, to build your following on social media and ensure higher success for your efforts in the future. However, it would be prudent on your part to do a thorough research about the same by reading up reviews and articles (for instance, do you need to be careful of Famups, or not) as there might be users who have been duped by such companies.

    You can even get followers for free from some growth services, but make sure that you check that they’re legitimate first. Some growth services use bots which could get your account shut down. If you’re thinking of using Socialwick, for example, read these Socialwick user ratings first. Research is important before you pay for followers or likes as there are lots of scams out there – make sure you don’t get caught out.

  4. It’s good for mobile

    Over 50% of internet traffic comes from a mobile phone, and targeting people through social media works brilliantly in terms of reaching this audience. Mobile users check their social platforms multiple times a day, so targeting them while they use those apps is a great way to reach them without being disruptive and interfering.

  5. SELL!

    Of course, the most important point of all. Social media advertising helps you to sell. Although someone who views your advert may not immediately jump to buy something from you, they will recognise and remember you. If you keep appearing on their feed, at least one of those times is bound to be exactly when they need your product or service.

    Having a social media presence alone can be very effective for businesses, but enhancing this through advertising is really beneficial. Regardless of how strong your competition is, there are millions of people across various platforms that you can reach!

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